Jewellery with thought

Give an original piece of jewellery from the Angel’s Center as a gift and make the world a better place to live in at the same time. These handmade papier-mâché necklaces and earrings complement your outfit straightaway with a playful, colourful touch. What’s more, your purchase will help support the Angel’s Center in Uganda: a resource for mothers of children with special needs.

The Angel’s Center in Kampala (Uganda) was founded in 2012 by Rosemary Nambooze, herself the mother of a child with special needs. In 2010 Rosemary was working on a master’s degree at the University of Antwerp. During her studies she gave birth to a son, Abryl. It turned out that Abryl had been born with Down’s syndrome, including a severe heart defect. In Antwerp, Rosemary and her family were fortunate in being able to receive the medical and psychological support needed in order to raise her young son.

In August 2012, Rosemary returned with her family to Uganda, intending to set up a centre that could serve the families of children with special needs. This was how the Angel’s Center started life and it is now providing guidance for ten families. The children meet up to play together at the learning centre, while their development is closely monitored. The aim is to stimulate their development using toys and through exercises tailored to their level. Moreover, the centre also focuses on specific aspects of care that each child needs (speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy).

To support the centre financially, the mothers in these families have been producing handmade items of jewellery, such as these colourful bead necklaces and earrings. A lovely gift that also helps support a splendid project.

Made in Uganda. Necklaces, starting from € 25. Earrings, starting from € 15.