Fertility dolls from Cameroon

If you’re looking for an original gift with a story attached, then don’t miss out on our latest Namji dolls. These wooden dolls, covered in multi-coloured beads and little cowrie shells, are not only lovely to look at, but also have a cultural significance.

Among the Dowayo/Namji, an ethnic group living in north-western Cameroon, the dolls are given by tradition to young girls. The girls play with the dolls, tie them to their backs and then, through play, learn about motherhood. In addition, the dolls are also presented to women who want to become pregnant or ensure a successful birth.

Antique Namji dolls sell for a high price at auctions and are prized collectors’ items. At the AfricaShop we sell contemporary versions of the Namji dolls made in Cameroon. All our dolls have been handmade; each one is unique and has its own personality.

This season we considered a whole range of colours and selected white, pink, turquoise, dark blue and black. You can also choose from dolls in a variety of sizes: small, plump dolls parade alongside tall and elegant versions. Be sure to stop by our shop to view the latest dolls on offer!

Made in Cameroon, prices starting from € 99.