The Making of. The Renovation of the Royal Museum of Central Africa



This ‘Making of’ photo album brings to life the story of how the Royal Museum for Central Africa was renovated. A wealth of photographs provides readers with a unique picture of the compre-hensive renovations to the 1910 building and its architectural metamorphosis. The museum was not only in urgent physical need of restoration, but also required a thorough transformation to turn it into a museum suitable for the 21st century. Photographs taken before, during and after renovation bear testament to that long and complex process. In addition to the splendid photographs, the book also contains a series of interviews of the most important parties involved, highlighting in each one a different aspect of this unique enterprise. In fourteen interviews, the various actors involved in the museum’s renovation are given the opportunity to speak: they include the clients, the architect, the contractors, the scenographers, the restoration specialists and members of staff. A journey through time and space: the fascinating making of the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren.

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